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Comparison: c-mount lenses vs. s-mount lenses (M12x0.5)

Feature c-mount s-mount (M12x0.5)
Standardization +
Thread 1" 32 TPI M12x0.5
Size o ++
manual iris + generally not
IR-Cut filter in camera in general possible in the lens
Special filters front filters by thread in general in the lens
Sensors 1/10" … 4/3" 1/4" 1/3" (most used) 1/1.8" (2/3" and 1" very rare)
Price o ++
Filter changer camera side camera side or in the lens
focal length range 1.7mm .. 2000mm 0.98mm .. 50mm  (others on request)
F-Numbers F0.7 .. F360 F1.2 .. F10              (others on request)
Total Track (27) 55mm .. 3000mm 9.5mm .. 25mm       (f=25mm; f=35mm; f= 50mm longer)
Availability Varios ++ +
Availability Zoom + (very expensive)
Availability Fisheyes + (very expensive) +(low price)
Availability 5 Mega o (very expensive) + (low price) (f=5.4mm .. f=12mm)
Availability 10 Mega – (very expensive) o (Fisheye f=3.2mm f=5.4mm f=7.2mm (good price))
low distortion + expensive + low price
Iris + adjustable – not adjustable 
+ doesn‘t move
mounting +r screw in as far as possible o Lockring recommended
focussing Inner focussing by focus ring outer focussing using thread
Derlivery times +small volume – large volume   + few + large amounts
Weight o ++
Special designs generally not (but ask us 😉 ) ++ (could make sense for 50+ )
consumer market ++
Distance Sensor-Lens generally 6-10mm 0.5(!) – 20mm
use in OEM projects less and less more and more
use in handhelds - ++
use in mobile phones ++
famous names + o
text on the lens + o in general not (on demand)
Optomechanical quality in general pretty good depends on origin –(toy quality) to ++ (OEM)
Availability Telezentric ++ o few available (ask us 🙂 )
Availability Macro + (expensive) o (using toolbox) low cost
Availiability Micro + (expensive)
Availability scientific + (very expensive )